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Metrocuadrado Real Estate in Costa Rica offers Professional Services in the field of Taxation ( appraisal in Costa Rica) of real estate, made by these highly trained Civil Engineers in the field, enrolled in the Professional Association of Engineers and Architects.

These services appraisals in Costa Rica consist of a technical assessment of real estate, and these are based on:

  • General ground
    • Location.
    • Characteristics of environment.
    • Topography.
  • Features constructive
    • Age of construction.
    • Type structure.
    • Mechanical and electrical condition.
    • State conservation.
    • Lifetime.
    • Topography.

All of the above, in order to determine the value of different properties. Additionally, the appraisal In issuing a technical recommendation on the desirability of buying the property under consideration, as well as the maximum price valued. The reports are accompanied by sufficient photographs of the property in question. It is important to mention that these reports Evaluations can be offered in Spanish and English language.

For more information about Appraisals in Costa Rica or require this service appraised please contact us at or fill out the form below:

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What is an appraisal in Costa Rica?

The appraisal in Costa Rica of real estate is a tool used consistently in the real world. Its aim is to fix the value of an asset to enter the market. The valuations ( appraisals in costa rica ) are a real estate valuation of goods according to a set of criteria established by the market which will make use of that valuation (as may be the mortgage market) and taking into account the actual market prices.

First to raise awareness that the valuation ( appraisal in costa rica) is a science with great support from the valuer's opinion, which can not be reduced to a precise formula, because experience has proven that the best results are achieved by giving importance to material gathered and information sources consulted on a guided procedure or system that gives the answers to the objective pursued without entering into complicated theories.

The basic principles are the same in different types of valuation (Appraisal in Costa Rica ), remaining at the discretion of the expert to proceed according to the order being done because the glaring difference when it conducts for tax purposes, as collateral for mortgage loans, fire insurance policy or purchase - selling real estate, being in this area where the person has authorized a broad field where to put their knowledge into practice, therefore attributable to property the "real value" to the era of acquisition. Also, a property may have different values for different purposes persecuted, as the value of expropriation, tax potential, speculation, settlement, loan, sentimental, and so on.

Regarding the basic valuation methods, are the Profitability, comparison, Depreciation and Restitution, "Plottage" Value and Market Value Potential, Capricho and Use, also costing, Capital Income, Better and more High Land Use and Development of Fractionation, among others.


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