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How do I sell my property with Metrocuadrado?

Steps to sell your property with Metrocuadrado:

  1. Fill out the form found at the following address: here you can fill the information required by metrocuadrado Real estate to sell your property.

  2. While the Real Estate Metrocuadrado contact you, you could collect the following information about your property:
    1. Cadastre plane.
    2. land use.
    3. photos.
    4. Specifications Property (price of property, land area and others that describe the property).
    5. any other information you deem necessary which may help to sell your property.

  3. Once you receive a reply via e-mail from Metrocuadrado, you can see that in the message, there is an attachment that "Charter of consent Sale of Property" which is the document where you authorize us to sell the property and also Covenant payment of commission to MetroCuadrado Goods. This letter of consent must be accepted and signed by the registered owner to proceed with the sale of the property.

  4. Send information collected earlier in step two to E-Mail

  5. Visit your property on our site in the direction that we will send by E-Mail subsequently to step 4.


Tels: (506) 2297-75-75 / Fax: (506) 2297-55-04
San José, Costa Rica