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Studies pre-buying in Costa Rica

Metrocuadrado real estate in Costa Rica offers service pre-purchase of property in Costa Rica. This pre-purchase study in Costa Rica will provide information on the value of the property you are about to buy, compared with the value of properties in the area and give you confidence in the investment that you are about to undertake.

The contents of the study are as follows:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Overview of the sector.
  3. General observations of the study.
  4. Classification of land depending on area.
  5. Map locations.
  6. Photographs of the properties.
  7. Plans registered (if available).
  8. Lots of information without sale (when possible).
  9. Table price averages m2 according to the area.
  10. Table general price averages.
  11. Table of recent sales prices.


The study pre-buying in Costa Rica is investigating prices in the area of properties on offer, an analysis of prices of the municipality and also investigates recent sales prices with brokers who have worked in the area. The study also pre-buying in Costa Rica has aerial photo, tables and graphs (illustrative and comparative) prices, photographs of individual properties and their location on maps. And lastly, includes additional information such as statistics average vehicular traffic on the main roads they found in the study area.

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