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surveying services

Metrocuadrado Real Estate in Costa Rica offers Professional Services in the field of Surveying and Land Surveying in Costa Rica. Services performed by Engineers Surveyors authorized by the College of Engineers Surveyors of Costa Rica, who know the importance of carrying out the work in the shortest possible time and with greater precision.

services Surveying and Land Surveying are as follows:

Surveying Services in Costa Rica:

  1. curves level
  2. Profiles
  3. Calculation of volumes
  4. adjourn details

Surveying Services in Costa Rica:

  1. Urbanizations
  2. Condos
  3. segregation
  4. plots

Surveying Services in Costa Rica and services Survey in Costa Rica, on the surveys are conducted with survey equipment tipped as are:

  1. 1 CR-3 Topcon GPS dual frequency
  2. 3 Total Stations Topcon CTS-3005
  3. 2 Precision levels Topcon AT-G7

The use of this service Surveying and Land Surveying can be done anywhere in Costa Rica.

For more information on Surveying and Land Surveying in Costa Rica or require the service of Surveying and Land Surveying please contact us at info @ or fill out the form below:

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What is Surveying?

The topography in Costa Rica is the science that studies the set of procedures that determine the relative positions of points on the earth's surface and below it, by combining the measures as the three elements of space: distance, elevation and direction. The topography explains the procedures and operations of the fieldwork, the calculation methods or data processing and representation of the terrain in a topographic map or drawing to scale.

The surveying in Costa Rica was considered formerly the branch of the topography for the delimitation of areas, measuring areas and the rectification of limits. Today the international scientific community recognizes that discipline is an autonomous status with its own specific language that studies land objects to any scale, focusing on fixing all limits, thus producing documents and mapping virtual infrastructure to establish drawings, charts and maps, to publicize the limits of the property or government. To meet its goal, surveying feeds on topography, geometry, engineering, trigonometry, math, physics, law, geomorphology, soil science, architecture, history, computing, satellite technology.


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